Vegan dating worldwide

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Two and a half years later, now that this once extreme lifestyle now feels familiar, I have just enough perspective to wish I could go back and give my pre-vegan self (or someone else in my shoes) a few pointers. Laugh them off, or take the opportunity to explain how important your diet choices are to you. I thought I’d miss cheese as an appetizer, with a glass of wine or a beer.I’m not an “I’ll just have the salad” or “just chips” every day of the week kind of girl.So here are 5 Cities you may not have believed were actually vegan friendly!Due to the vegan diet trending worldwide there have been places opening up to cater towards our needs. There are usually a lot of veg options at most eateries as they tend to follow a strict vegetarian diet . You just have to be aware of yoghurt products which are used throughout dressings and sauces.Instead of dairy, to help control spiciness, opt for more fresh or starch ingredients such as tomatoes or pulses!

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