Mens dating in 40 s

What might have happened is they didn't become parents like millions do by unintentionally impregnating one or more equally un-thinking, un-safe, un-responsible sex-havers. I am really curious how they missed having children or getting married. Everybody is different"Hmmph, well you are no fun."Yes, I've been told that!

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I assume that must cut out alot of women in their later 30s and 40s and beyond for dating.

Youch, "what happened" sounds sorta like an accusation to my eyes, did you mean it like that? They decided not to by being extra careful when having sex They had themselves "fixed"Kids are NOT their cup of tea Their boys can't swim They just haven't found someone who they see fitto be the mother of their kids Could they want to date a woman with kids?

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