Adult dating affiliates

Plus you can earn money by bringing new affiliates to us with the "Two-Tier Program".

We have two commission schemes described as below: Pay Per Sale: If the members you acquire place first orders, you will receive a certain percentage of that order as commission regardless of the price of the order.

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They were developed and tested specially for the affiliate program to help you generate even more leads.

When people click your link they get a 90 day cookie which means that we will be able to identify them for 90 days.

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Attractive commissions You'll get 0 for each customer that starts a paid Professional subscription, 0 for each paid Business account, and 0 for each paid Enterprise account. We pay commissions twice per month via Pay Pal with no minimum threshold.

Powerful trusted app Wrike is a popular project collaboration app with a rapidly growing customer base.

Qpid Network is a leading international dating and relationships service platform. Everyday, Qpid Network's member sites Asia, Latam and Charm, win critical acclaim for an outstanding array of high quality services, including dating and relationship guidance, gifts and flowers delivery, visa and travel management as well as translation and interpretation. Qpid Network's Affiliate Program is the most lucrative online affiliate program available!

Through the latest innovations in online dating technology, we provide the B. It's simple, you join as an affiliate and assist in the promotion of our website(s), and in return we will pay you extremely high commissions with our commission programs, "Pay Per Sale" and "Pay Per Lead".

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