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For some its our lone time, for some its an escape, for some it’s time to unwind… Understand that we will make time for you, but not at the expense of our passion, and after all, a partner in a relationship should respect your passions, not take them away. and for those dating a bro, well, I feel sorry for you when he cracks out his Tupperware of stinking chicken and broccoli in the middle of the museum.

If you’re lucky enough top be dating an IIFYM’er, then you’re lucky, because that shouldn’t impact your activities too much, but don’t look at them weird when they get their phones out to put in the pizza you just both sat down and had on a date…

Romance), for her 2 cents."The gym is a great place to meet guys -- but will they be the guy you want?

Build Your Own PERFECT Workout Don't feel rushed.

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Would you be miffed if someone interrupted your workout to flirt with you? If you're in a relationship, do you and your guy workout together? Download Glamour Magazine for your i Pad--print subscribers, it's now part of your subscription plan! __Even more dating dish…More Ways to Get Glamour: NEW! Hi guys :-) So I'm new around here, looking forward to exploring the info the forum has to offer.But if you do make us chose between you and the gym…I’ve been saving that new pre-workout for a special occasion…

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