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Helping provide Taps for Veterans at military funerals is important to us!Please contact us on information about providing a live bugler to sound Taps at the ceremony for your loved one. Please explore the website and I hope you come away with a little more knowledge about this great American treasure we have in those 24 notes.At the moment I have the following: 1 Buescher sop sax vintage 1925, silver 3 clarinets, 2 Bohem system and one Albert sys...which is a vintage Buffet, Pedler, that my Mom bought for me at the age of 10, and one other old plastic one.. one "The Martin" and my fav Buescher 400 vintage 1965 1 Selmer B/A tenor,, my pride and joy, bought new in 1946, still all original..

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The bugle is one of the simplest brass instruments, having no valves or other pitch-altering devices.They were used to assemble the leaders and to give marching orders to the camps.Click on the image for a larger picture Rexcraft "Official Boy Scout" bugle in G/F.All pitch control is done by varying the player's embouchure.Consequently, the bugle is limited to notes within the harmonic series. Added to the British Museum in 1904, this late Roman bugle is bent completely round upon itself to form a coil between the mouthpiece and the bell-end (the latter has been broken off). The earliest bugles were shaped in a coil – typically a double coil, but also a single or triple coil – similar to the modern horn, and were used to communicate during hunts and as announcing instruments for coaches (somewhat akin to today's automobile horn).

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