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Please have him or her read this Agreement with you.

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However, you do not have the power to override the rules of the domain set forth by the group policy.

(Well, you have, but only by hacking as described in the answer.) I've worked around this by creating a script that overwrites the policies I don't want in the registry (you can use the "REG" command in a batch script).

If gift cards were purchased from any of these locations previously, all will be honored and can be redeemed at any of the 15 new restaurant locations. Affiliates of Kelly Companies own and operate over 100 restaurants in 21 states and include such well-known brands as Champps Kitchen Bar, Bailey's Bar Grill, Fox and Hound Bar Grill, Kings Family Restaurants, and Grady's BBQ.

Summary: Use Group Policy to apply and enforce settings for Office 2013.

I tried editing the local security policy to change the complexity but this is greyed out. The order for policy application is effectively: Your best bet is to make a computer group and use that group to either exclude your custom computers from the password complexity policy or assemble a new policy that'll override these defaults, filtered to only apply to this group. :) If you are using a centralized management product like Puppet or Chef they'll keep pushing out their policies and revert changes made by the local root account, just like group policy.

I am trying to provision a few special case laptops. That's fine but when I try to create it I prompted that my guest password does not meet the complexity requirements.

This script can be set to run using Task Scheduler, immediately after the Group Policy client finishes applying the policy, by using "On an event" as the trigger.

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Several locations will be offering craft beers as demand for these unique offerings increases.

For the loyal customers that have patronized these restaurants for years, they will be able to count on seeing all their favorite team members as everyone has retained their positions.

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