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The two leaders would laugh, they’d cry, they’d braid each other’s hair, they’d realize they’re not so different after all: Bam, world peace. No word on whether or not Abbas has seen it, though the recent escalation of conflict in the Middle East would indicate unh-uh.)It’s early November. A little sunken-chested, a little horn-rimmed, a little weenie-ish, frankly.

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Funkhouser's Crazy Sister is the first episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7. Larry David is now dating Loretta Black and has been for a while.

Unfortunately, he is no longer interested in her and wants to break up, but she is sick and waiting on a biopsy which might tell her she has cancer.

The guests also discuss how wrong it is that the Palestinian chicken restaurant is opening a chain right next to a Jewish deli.

The next day, Ron approaches Larry and tells him that he admires his honesty and that he would like him to tell his wife Ilene to stop saying "LOL" whenever something is funny.

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