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He pulled the boy out of the room, but the mother hit him and freed her son-- and ran to a neighbor to call police."I think the mother did what any other parent would do.

He's also been arrested for various drug charges and vandalism charges within the city," said Trukki.

Clutching her son by her side, the mother described to us what happened.

She said they were in the laundry room of their apartment complex when a man came in, switched off the light, and then grabbed her son.

As of 2015, Oakes returned to television, with other notable CHi Ps stars, for a series of introductions and interviews for METV's weekly CHi Ps reruns.

While competing on a 1979 edition of Battle of the Network Stars, Oakes (on the NBC team) met her future husband, actor Gregory Harrison of Trapper John, M.

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