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Stan MGSA’05 is an unassuming guy—which is why he makes such an excellent James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, the dependable sidekick to Captain America. Of course, I’m really writing about Flockhart MGSA’88 (a 2003 inductee into the Rutgers Hall of Distinguished Alumni), Cat Grant being wholly fictional.

Calista Flock­hart est née le 11 novembre 1964 à Free­port dans l'Illi­nois.

By recalibrating a device her brother originally created to make the environment uninhabitable for Kryptonians, Lena was able to make the atmosphere toxic to Daxamites.

And while this took care of the immediate problem — bye, Rhea!

It’s that rare TV season where the biggest buzz could be generated by a Muppet.

ABC’s revamp of the Muppets’ famed syndicated variety show may seem inspired in a landscape where yesteryear stars — John Stamos, Rob Lowe and Don Johnson — are seeking to jump-start their careers again, and the era of the spinoff (“Chicago Med” and “Heroes Reborn”) won’t end, no matter how many times we bellow against it.

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The two star in which has been airing weekly on CBS.But, lo and behold, that’s just what Calista Flockhart, Mike Colter, and Sebastian Stan have done—to dramatic effect—presenting their contemporary interpretations of yesterday’s comic book personalities on television, the internet, and the silver screen.Flockhart MGSA’88, best known for her starring role as Ally Mc Beal on the eponymous television series, plays Cat Grant, an imperious media mogul.Issue d'une famille modeste, ses parents, Kay et Ronald Flock­hart, la prénomment ainsi en hommage à ses arrières-grands-mères qui portaient le même prénom.Très tôt passion­née par la comé­die, elle s'inscrit à l'univer­sité Rutgers dans le New Jersey et obtient une licence de théâtre en 1988.

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