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I has a question if a hermaphrodite has sex with a male is it considered gay and the same with female is it consider les or bi/straight? I would have to say, all of the above, if you really think about it. Found my way after a reptilian took control over me in my sleep and used me to feed of me and the girl I was sleeping with. I've encountered them before in my sleep but they have never managed to, what i know of, effect the state of the person I'm next to wich was the case this time. I am finally getting a Monday through Friday schedule!I ask all my friends and none can think on an answer. The attraction is there because of the hormones, and all the body parts are there too (as well as curiosity). lol I'm going for making a change btw, so if anyone have any projects or idéas I'm game on supporting with whatever I can! Been at this job 2 years an have always had to work Saturdays!So my question is whether I'm likely to be straight, gay, bi or whether this is just some kind of strange phase? Chat and IM with someone in your area, or you can talk to lots of singles at once in our chat room forum, it's better than a regular chat line.I woke up today not blonde and beautiful,rich and healthy.Puffy eyed and head swollen from 3 days of a broken heart.

Many plants and animals, particularly invertebrates, possess hermaphroditic characteristics and they have the ability to act as a male or a female.was named COMMAND KEY in Unicode 1 (released in 1991).But since Unicode 2 (released in 1996), it's changed to PLACE OF INTEREST SIGN.And if I'm going to be honest, I do fantasise about performing oral sex on them (on both sexual organs), which does seem like a homosexual/bi thing to want.But at the same time I'm not at all aroused by the idea of engaging in sexual activities with a guy.

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